So, you want to share your AWESOME sis?

Fantastic! We're excited to highlight BIPOC women voices to share the authority, wisdom, and expertise of their lived experiences as a lens for their Amazing Works of Expression.

We are looking for professional women of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) heritage who leverage their professions as an expression of their faith, beliefs, and divine gifts while building thriving businesses, careers, communities, or products.

The summit focus is to create a community of women who have space to be strong and soft, beautiful and brilliant, powerful and principled while nurturing relationships that empower and enliven.

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The event goes live on 13-15 November 2020. Although live attendance is not required, it is greatly appreciated (especially during your premier time). Our focus is on connecting and collaborating, so there will be opportunities to build relationships with fellow speakers and attendees.

Speaker interviews are pre-recorded and will happen until 5 November. Once the application is submitted, you'll see the calendar to schedule a slot that works best. 

Aside from being women of BIPOC heritage, they are successful professional women across industries looking for a sisterhood that understands the joys and challenges their lived experiences bring. Many are entrepreneurs, most have corporate experience from their current or previous work experiences. They prioritize personal development and invest in improving their professional skills and being their personal best. 

We've made the process as stress-free as possible - no slide decks, keynotes, or performance jitters needed. We just need you.

Here's the process: 

Complete the form below

Schedule your interview (approximately 60 mins)

Show up with your AWESOME self 

Share with as many women as possible!

(HIGHLY encouraged) Engage with the attendees and fellow speakers!

That's it! 

The interview will be about an hour long and is roughly 2/3 personal narrative and 1/3 promotion. The focus is on sharing your lived experience as a professional woman of color using your gifts and highest values through your profession.

I'll have a few questions at the end that are consistent for every speaker, but the direction of the conversation will focus on you, your experiences, and how you serve your community.

You won't need to prepare anything specifically for the interview but may want to have a couple memorable "sound bites" about your mission and message or have a couple experiences you specifically want to share for the lessons gained.

Nope - we want to grow the community so there's no speaker's fee.

However, if selected, you are expected to promote to your email and social media communities at least 3 times (i.e., once when selected, once week before, once day before) with #MOHDsummit. Of course, the more you share, the better the results and the stronger foundation for the MOHD movement.

An endless supply of priceless love and respect! 😍

But seriously, our speaker benefits are: 

  • 50% affiliate commissions for purchases through your affiliate link

  • Complimentary all-access Superstar Pass

  • Ability to collect leads by pitching freebie

  • Ability to pitch a paid offer during the interview and to attendees purchasing a Superstar pass or Luminary pass (and we do not take a cut of any sales you make from the summit)

  • Opportunities to interact and connect with attendees

  • Ability to contribute a giveaway item to get their offer in front of the summit audience

  • Shout outs on social media 

  • Post-summit thank you 

No worries - you can schedule a quickie call to clarify things further. 

But I assure you, it's as simple as it sounds 👍🏾